The simplest, most efficient way
to manage your collections and projects

Empower your teams to plan better, collaborate more, and work in sync

Hawk-eyed view of all your operations

ProFashion (former Havelock) is a work management and collaboration platform that keeps all important information updated in real-time and stored in one place.

Work on multiple collections simultaneously

We know how business works – multiple products all running at the same time, each more urgent than the other. ProFashion gives you an overview of all your company’s processes at a glance. 

Real-time updated to-do list for Today

A lot of things on your to-do list, but you don’t know where to start? Our patent-pending methodology compiles all your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks so that everyone always knows what needs and can be done by EOD. 

All your tech packs at the tips of your finger

We know you use spreadsheets, mails and PDFs, and we know you use a lot of them. ProFashion is your all-in-one place to store all of your data making it easily accessible for your whole team.

No need to ask for an update, it’s all in

Need constant progress updates on your projects? You do not need to ask anyone. ProFashion keeps the progress of your priorities up to date, so you don’t need to bounce between emails, WhatsApp, and Teams to find the information you desperately need. 

What was initially planned?

Lower production costs

Production can be tricky for smaller brands, but using ProFahion will help you plan better, secure better slots and lower prices with your manufactures.

Never deliver late (again)

Timing can be crucial. Optimize the planning of your tasks and activities, and eliminate delays. Get notified every time you reel off your roadmap even by half a day. 

All your collections in one place

ProFashion offers a centralized and extensive visual catalog of all your collections with intuitive management tools, ensuring easy access to every intricate detail of your products.

New approach to materials management

Our approach simplifies the ordering process, coordinates deliveries, maximizes warehouse efficiency, and maintains precise oversight of pricing and margins.

ProFashion knows what has to be done TODAY











All-in-one business organizer


ProFashion (former Havelock) is powerful, yet easy to set up & use

Quick adoption
Exceptional support
Easy integration
1-2 weeks12
4-8 weeks 48

Implementation period


ProFashion is powerful, yet easy to set up & use

Quick adoption
Exceptional support
Easy integration
6-12 months48

Implementation period