It’s time to get your ducks in order

Didn’t you hear? Efficient is in, stressed is out! We’ll help you scale you business without all the nerve-wrecking and this is not an empty promise – we’ve walked the walk and been in your shoes.

ProFashion combines all the tools you’d need to run a successful fashion business

Project builder

All your projects broken down into task and activities. ProFashion can support any big or small process by breaking it down into easy-to-digest building blocks.

Strategic ally

Your goals clearly organised in boards – everything you’ll need to keep your company’s long-term strategy on track.

Personal organiser

Leave remembering to ProFashion! ’My reminders’ will make sure you are always on top of your agenda and will guide you through your work day better than a personal assistant.

Communicator and collaborator

Sync with your team, communicate over projects, ask for and approve deadline changes. It is all done in the app.

Template holder

ProFashion is preloaded with project templates to save you time planning projects. It can be configured and reconfigured to support any team, product, or project across your organisation. 

Task manager

Set and assign tasks to team members without picking up a phone or writing an email. Put them in the context and to work right away.