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My Reminders Hub overview

My Reminders Hub is a project manager’s (PM) daily go-to place, their command center, with all the necessary information to do their job a click away. From here they have access to all planned and ready-for-work activities from all projects they are responsible for.

Timeline Report overview

The timeline report presents a streamlined, criteria-based visualization of project statuses, offering immediate context and progress insights without the need for meetings, calls, or emails.

Working with Goals

Goals in ProFashion range from individual ideas to comprehensive, multi-departmental efforts. They can be categorized as general for day-to-day tasks or strategic to support the overarching mission and vision of your organization.

My Tasks Hub overview

My Tasks Hub is the command center for every regular team member in your organization. Here, from one place, users have access to a personalized list with prioritized and ready-for-work tasks– i.e. actionable tasks –that have been assigned to you or you have assigned to your colleagues.

Working with projects

Projects in ProFashion consist of two main components-activities and tasks. After you create a project, you can add activities manually or load a pre-set project template.

Project template fundamentals

А project template is a list of all important activities –arranged in chronological order–necessary to complete a project. Using project templates is the fastest and most efficient way to create and manage projects with the same or similar workflow.