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Demobaza’s shift to efficiency with ProFashion

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In 2007, two friends from Sofia, Bulgaria -Demo and Tono – embarked on a creative journey that would eventually redefine fashion. Starting with outfits for promoters, such as Philip Morris campaigns, they slowly carved a niche for their unique style, leading to the birth of their own collection. Their initial foray into fashion was through custom, handmade items sold online. By 2011, Demobaza had launched its first collection, and with time captured the attention of people worldwide, including celebrities, influencers, and musicians like Beyonce, Madonna, and Justin Bieber, among others. Their distinctive designs also caught the eye of Hollywood, contributing to costume design in blockbuster productions like DUNE and the Hunger Games.

Leveraging Demo’s childhood experience in sewing and the garment factory know-how from his father, Demobaza quickly grew. Their participation in exhibitions attracted bulk buyers from places like New York and LA, helping the brand gain international recognition. However, despite their success, managing the growing demand and maintaining quality posed significant challenges.

Before ProFashion, Demobaza relied on Excel spreadsheets, emails, and daily communication via Skype to manage their operations, which  proved to be time-consuming and unreliable as the business grew. This disjointed system led to production delays, quality issues, and a loss of critical information. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these challenges, halting sales worldwide and pushing the team to reconsider their operational strategy. The need for a seamless, efficient system became apparent as they struggled to keep up with the complexities of managing a burgeoning fashion brand.

A disjointed system leading to production delays, quality issues, and a loss of critical information.

ProFashion helps us to monitor and manage easily all of the projects. It makes the daily status updates faster and the dynamic reminders reduce the risk of delays due to omissions. All information is readily available, in one place. The system is user-friendly and easy to work without special training.

Milena S.
Operations Manager

The adoption of ProFashion marked a significant improvement in Demobaza’s operations. Chosen for its familiarity with the fashion industry and ease of use, A ProFashion Champion within the company ensured the integration and synchronization of the Design and Development departments. This change led to a structured and centralized information system. The introduction of ProFashion’s visual roadmap, which updates all team members daily, ensured that no task was forgotten, enabling Demobaza to consistently meet deadlines and maintain quality in their product deliveries. Additionally, thanks to the improved organization, the company became more confident in the completion of collections on time.

Some results

improved communication efficiency
less project delays