Intuitive software + Know how = ProFashion

At ProFashion, we transform the complexities of managing a fashion company into a streamlined and stress-free process.

Our story

A journey from fashion to innovation

ProFashion was created to solve our own challenges, namely managing a fashion brand spanning stores in Sweden, France and Greece, design and development studio and production with over 1000 employees. This is why our team, which includes two former fashion CEOs and a number of industry executives, is uniquely equipped to drive this revolution in fashion management.

How we simplify fashion management

ProFashion brings simplicity and clarity to fashion management. By digitizing traditional processes, we enable fashion brands to manage multiple collections and projects, ensuring seamless communication and eliminating delays. Our approach is to centralize all your data, offering real-time updates and actionable insights for every team member

Our Philosophy

Open-minded, straightforward, human-centric

We value big ideas and user-driven innovation, aiming to disrupt the status quo in fashion management. At ProFashion we prioritize simplifying processes for better decision-making. We remain human-centric, focusing on the people behind the fashion brands, ensuring our solutions cater to their complex needs.